Online Marketing Services : Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Below outlined the steps how Design Dhaka can help you to develop strong online marketing strategy:

Phase A- Determining who your customers are: What your customer is looking for; what their problems or needs are. Putting you into their shoes and probing out the solutions of their problems with an effective outcome.

Phase B- We ask you few questions like:

I. What do you offer to cater your customer's needs? II. Why do they buy from you? III. What is the uniqueness of you product? VI. What makes them to trust you? V. Why are your services better than the rest? VI. What do you offer for customer satisfaction?

Phase C - After determining and analyzing the above questions, we give you a Research Strategy:

In this stage you answer to the questions of the previous phase. Who are your competitors? What marketing tools are they using such as PPC, SEO, Social media etc.? What kind of networking are they using in spreading their messages?

Phase D - After determining these questions, we will start working on Data Analysis:

In this phase we will systematize data and do an analysis on strength and weakness of your competitors. Like which advertising media do your customers go frequently to find business like your one? Try to find the reasons of their satisfaction/dissatisfaction from your competitors. What can you offer as an add-on value to them? What can you offer better to them in form of 'free' or 'bonus'?