Online Marketing Services : Planning / Budgeting
Competitive Analysis

Planning / Budgeting

Below outlined the steps how Design Dhaka can help you in planning, budgeting, monitoring your online marketing strategy:

Phase A: At this phase we will develop a strategy for your Online Marketing Plan:

Here we determine what marketing method/tools you are going to use to market your product such as PPC, E-mail, SEO, blogging, newsletter, pod casting, video blogging, webinars, link building, banner ad and etc. We will do a comprehensive analysis which media will give you highest the ROI in a short period of time.

Phase B - Budgeting:

Budget is a huge concern on online marketing. If you have limited amount of marketing dollars to spend, we will come up with a solid comprehensive plan that will fit your budget and give you an effective result within short period of time. No matter how limited your budget is, still you need to start your online marketing from some point.

Phase C - Monitoring Marketing Campaigns:

After launching the marketing campaign we will monitor the traffic of your site. We will analyze: Which campaign is giving you potential customers? What keywords are they using to search your site? Is your SEO working well on organic search ranking? What are the products your customers buying more? How can you offer more incentives to those products? How can you bring variation to those demanding products? What will be your plan for seasonal promotion? From above answers you move further to improve you marketing in more effective way and simultaneously keep improving your products and services.