Online Marketing Services : Reporting & Web Analytic
Reporting & Web Analytic

Reporting & Web Analytic

Web Analytics or Web Tracking System will be able to provide you a powerful insight. It will allow you to track your visitors, giving you chart of performances. It also helps you to generate keywords, which has higher ranking. It gives you a total summary of all your visitors of each page so that you can understand which page to redesign, rebuild contents and so on.

A good web tracking system should have logs, charts and calendars. You should be able to save your data in txt, csv, excel, pdf format and export the file to your computer.

Using Web Analytics tools, you can also generate leads and analyze referrals while reducing cost. You will be able to understand you product demand by viewing time chart of the visitors. Time chart shows how long your customers are staying in the particular pages.

Benefits of Web Analytics

  • Investigates web site inefficiencies and improves them
  • Improves 'Conversion rates'.
  • Distinguishes site visitors according to frequency and preferences)
  • Tracks ROI and ad-campaign effectiveness for different media channels.
  • Helps your site to stay top over other important web statistics