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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

'Spider', 'Bots', or 'Crawlers' are programs in most search engines, which visit website, index content, and put it on the search engines. They work under some assumptions of the content of your web site when indexing your web site. 'Meta tags' and 'Title tags' are very important on the body of the site for search engine crawlers. The spider usually picks up the words in Meta-tags and Title.

You can create different groups of Mata-tags for targeting different categories of products or services. The rule of thumb is to choose the best 10 words for each category. It is better if you choose different effective keywords in Title and Meta-tags section for each page. However, in the long run all of your pages will get ranking eventually.

Remember, "Do not put junk in Meta-tags and Title section". Always use effective relevant key words and try to concise your content with fewer chunks of important words. Otherwise your web site will fall on keywords spamming.

Meta Tags Description/Keywords/Title Tag:

Many search engines use the description tag as a way to tell the searchers what the page is about. If you do not have any description tag, then search engines will grab other text form your web page. Therefore, it is important that you have a well-constructed Meta tag description and also effective keywords on your other web pages.

The Meta Keywords Tag is where you list keywords and keyword phrases that you've targeted for that specific page.

Title tag is one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings. By just fixing Tile- tags of your pages you can generate quick and significant differences to your rankings.

Broken Links:

Broken links is one of the vital components in Search engine ranking. Broken links means 'Stop signs' for the web crawler. It means that the 'link' does not work anymore. Web crawlers or search engine robots use the links on the pages of your site to follow to other pages at your site. Once the link is broken the crawler cannot locate the page. Any broken links will stop the crawlers of rank your site.

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