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Web maintenance & Hosting

Web maintenance & Hosting

Web hosting is an online service provided by web hosting service providers that allows to make your website accessible to others via the World Wide Web. Web hosting companies provide space on a server as well as Internet services for the end users.

There are lots of companies with web hosting services. You need to choose the plan according to your goal to achieve through your web site. Before you pick-up any company you must know few things:

1. 24/7customer service: The service provider must have 24/7 live person customer service assistance Lot of companies do not have phone number to reach; they only work by email. It is wise not to work with them.

2. Security: Website Security should be up 24/7

3. Disk space: The disk space should be started from 10 GB

4. Bandwidth Bandwidth should be at least 300 GB

5. Database Minimum10 SQL database should be included.

6. Email Service
I. 100 Email Accounts
ii. 50 Email Forwards

We offer different kinds of hosting plans. Please call us; you will save money and time for sure.