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Full CMS Site

Full CMS Site

Design Dhaka CMS System

Our powerful CMS system synchronizes workflow maintenance, content authoring and archiving in such a simple way that makes very easy to comprehend and use the system.

Our state-of-art CMS system is current to the industry standard and can be customized according to your business needs using technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, Joomla and other open source Content Management System.

Benefits of having a proper web content management system

  • Powerful content management functionality through simple and easy interfaces
  • No need of HTML, FTP knowledge to maintain and update site with pdfs, links, pictures
  • Enables users to access information instantly and offers instant updates of the web pages
  • Customisable style guide to manage your visual identity and brand
  • Maintains intuitive UI (user Interface) content authoring, workflow and archiving
  • Allows content authors, editors and reviewers to easily manage content through automated processes without on-going IT involvement.
  • Provides industry-specific solutions tailored for your company's needs.

DDHK Standard CMS Suite Starts from $675.00

Design Dhaka CMS Suite is very affordable starts from $675.00 for
6-8 pages web site. There is no monthy free or setup fee invloved.


In this suite, we have also included free hosting, domain registration, photo gallery/protfolio show case & many more.

Please check our "New Offer" page to read all the features our CMS suite offers. This suite is best-fit to develop and maintain websites for small to medium size businesses.


Please call us @ 951-796-6584 to discuss more.