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Word Press/ Blog Site

Word Press/ Blog Site

Blog is a 'buzzword 'in today's Web Marketing genre. Now lets define what blog is. Blog is a frequent, chronological publication that might contain personal opinions business promotion, and web links.

A blog site can be very simple or very complex. A blog is like an online journal and is extremely easy to add information to it. You just log in, type the content and then post it; and you're done. Another unique feature about blog is that every time you make a change or add a simple little feature, it will automatically inform other websites that you have made an update to your blog.

Blog is a low budget-marketing tool. It is very cost effective and can save you both money and time.

  • Provides depth to your site.
  • Promotes your site to be industry leader in your particular products or services
  • Drives huge traffic to your site, generating sales
  • Gives you additional advertising income
  • Aids as a great customer service tool

Design Dhaka Marketing Group can create an entire blog site for you or can incorporate a blog site to your existing web site.

Most popular 'Open Source System' to create a blog site is Word press.