Web Design : Online Catalog

Online Catalog

    These catalogs are web based. They give you the provision of putting your product range on the net for the clients to view. They are both cost and time effective. HTML Catalogs / E-CATALOGS can be updated instantly as often as you wish.These catalogs can be either in HTML format or Flash format.

Product Features:

  • Reduces data entry time and production costs
  • Fast catalog / Website deployment time
  • Intuitive Categorical Navigation
  • User friendly, easy to use, maintain and support
  • Easily changes your html pages / e-catalog on your website
  • Quickly adapts to market changes
  • Improves vendor / Retail relationships
  • Creates alternate communication channels for customers
  • Expands current revenue sources
  • Reduces workload and increase productivity
  • Eliminates mail and courier service fees
  • Allows client printable product pages
  • Free Advertising with HTML Catalogs / E-catalogs
  • Increase sales revenues
  • Adds "End value" to a company

Team Design Dhaka will be able to develop eye-catching
e-catalog either in Flash or in HTML and saves you money
in printing.
The price of an online catalog of 50 pages will cut down the cost in half of that of a printed catalog.