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Design Dhaka Marektign Group - Terms & Conditions
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Return/Cancellation Policy
After sending final approval of the design to Design Dhaka Marketing Group to print, the order can not be cancelled. There will not be any charge back after the design is fully developed. At any stage of design developement before final approval the client decides to cancel the printing job, the balance amount will be refunded after deducting the charge of hours already worked in the design development. The total design hours and hourly rate will be specified in the invoice to the client. After placing the order if the client wants to cancel the proeject he or she must inform Design Dhaka Marketing Group by e-mail within 24 hrs of placing order.
Design Dhaka Marketing Group will issue company check for refund. Processing time will be 2-4 weeks. If the client cancels the project after 24 hrs, the amount of hours spent for development of design will be charged based on time spent. No charge back will be allowed.

Shipping Policy
In any case if the paper quality is not right as specified in the orders or defect in print quality, sample of defective copies must be sent back. Design dhaka Marketing Group will reprint defective copies at no extra cost including shipping & handling. No refund will be given. Reprint and mailing time will be 3-4 weeks.

Client will be responsible for the content, spelling, grammar and other matters of the project. After design is finalized , a proof will be sent to the client via e-mail.
The client needs to give the final approval of all contents, address, phone and fax numbers in the proof. Design Dhaka Marketing Group will not be responsible for any spelling, grammer, punctuation errors found after the printing is done. As a result Design Dhaka Marketing Group will not reprint the materials.
If needed to be reprint, client must pay a discounted fee.

2 Months Glitch Warranty
We provide a one-year glitch warranty. It starts from the "completion date" of the work. If your site has problem of “Browser Capabilities”, means something doesn't look right or isn't working with your site, please tell us the browser name and version (e.g. Internet Explorer 8, or 9 ) that you were using when the glitch appeared and how to re-create the glitch, and there will be no extra cost to fix the Glitch
All our website and online projects come with a six months glitch warranty, starting from the "completion date" of the work.
How to determine your browser version: In the main menu of your browser, find the "Help" menu. In the help menu, choose the "About" option (such as "About Internet Explorer" or simply "About"). Most browsers will include their name and version number in their "About" pop-up.
Limitations to the glitch warranty:

  • Third-Party: Except in a few rare cases that directly interfere with the front-end functionality of the site, problems with the content management system (CMS) or other third-party elements are not included in the glitch warranty and must be fixed through version updates or patches. 
  • Revisions: Requested changes in appearance or functionality that were not listed in the final review are revisions, not glitch repairs. 
  • Not our work: If you or someone else edits the source code (CSS, HTML, PHP, etc...) of the website in a way that has contributed to the glitch or makes the glitch harder to fix, the glitch may not be covered under the warranty, and there will be separate charge to fix the problem.
  • Project Closed: After two months of repairing all glitch found on our web project, the project is considered as “Officially Closed”. The project will out of two months glitch repairing warranty.

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