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There are six stages in Agile Development Process:

1. Planning:

In the Planning stage, we will put together a clear and comprehensive road map, which will ensure the success of your project. Our marketing experts will develop a detail and clear concept of your project that will support your marketing plan and other related sub-projects. Then, we move towards development stage after finalizing all the documentation of the project.

2. Designing:

The fun part begins here. In this stage, creativity merges strategy, resulting success of the project. Our design and project consultant will craft a blue print of each element associated with the project, which will help to establish a successful brand identity for your product and services. Our dedicated design team will demonstrate all ideas and concept into samples where you will get a clear idea how your vision takes shape into reality. In this phase, a detailed outline of the project will be developed, so that the flow of the project becomes simple and flawless. You get the look and feel that we discussed in the 'Planning' stage. Our 'out of the box' idea will give you a buzz among the competitions and make your products/services unique in the industry.

3. Building:

In the Building stage your project will get a 360° view. Our consultant will develop a robust back-end system, which will make your application simple and easy to use. This system will make your site more efficient and productive.

With great relaxation and ease, you will see how each element of the blue print is falling on the puzzle and bringing your project into a life. Now, we will start the design development for your printing materials and the front-end development of your web site. Your artwork will be ready for initial review and revision. This will lead to the proof reading of your artwork and Q/A (Quality Assurance) of your website.

4. Launch:

At this point, we will go through all details of your artwork including printing resolution, content decoration, spelling and grammar check, image/graphic resolution and other details. Your artwork will be now ready for production.

For your web project, we will analyze the content of your site keeping it fresh and ensure that it meets all requirements of search engine optimization and submission. As a result, your web or printing project will get new momentum giving highest rate of return and satisfaction.

5. Analysis:

At this stage, we will get your final approval to send your artwork to the production. We will analyze your site, so that your website works under stress. We will ensure that all codes for every feature fulfill the project requirements and meet the global W3C standards and browser environment compatibility. We will also make sure all animations are bug free and work smoothly.

Now your site goes 'LIVE'

Note: We offer free maintenance and support for every project on technical issues after the initial launch of the site. We monitor your site on a daily basis and watch the success of the web project achieving high growth of sales.

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